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Credent InfoTech manages the pharmaceutical industry with ease, handling bulk data management.

So, what happens when vital data is hidden? When billions and billions of dollars are invested on drug testing data, which you cannot access? Researchers in this industry depend on Credent InfoTech for advanced and professional big data analytics for integrated translation of data and have a holistic view of relevant data.

Unlock the Power of Pharmaceutical Industry Data

Credent InfoTech professionals take charge of major data related issues the industry faces. We offer the following benefits:

  • Big Data integration
  • Internal and external data collaboration
  • Internal and external data collaboration
  • Portfolio decisions
  • Faster marketing time
  • Improved safety and yields
  • Improved clinical trials

With our overall industry understanding as well as big data expertise, we offer various solutions to clients to harmonize their crucial data. In addition, we offer related to latest consumer trends, effective sales force management, marketing trend optimization, ethical ROIs, and retail.

Our Services

Pharmaceutical Salesforce Design & Optimization

Pharmaceutical companies usually have a high budget for marketing their products. In the process, they usually overlook a crucial component of success, which is Sales Force. With our knowledgeable staff, we deliver effective sales force to clients for sharing and marketing. We emphasize on:

  • Targeted HCPs and segmentation
  • Better return on detailing, targeting and sampling
  • Understanding the sales force, it's sizing, and impact on cost, profits, and sales
  • Territory alignment and optimization for better productivity
  • Future performance analysis and prediction
  • Data-driven business rules for effective incentive

Pharmaceutical Marketing Ecosystem

When the industry slows down and profits do not show, it is a sign that the budget is not right. We focus on improving the bottom line by determining the key growth areas as well as other marketing vehicles while optimizing investments. Here is how it works:

  • We identify volume growth drivers
  • Competitive level determination
  • Impact of DTP, DTC, BTL investment quantification
  • Creating optimized map of investments
  • Determining ideal investments for better marketing

Digital Marketing

Although there are legal and medical requirements in this industry, healthcare providers also look for digital marketing channels for effective marketing. We ensure pharmaceutical companies adopt a holistic strategy to digital analytics, thus providing them with a cutting edge on the latest trends. Our experts would:

  • Measure the frequency and reach of digital channels
  • review analytics implementation in apps, email, and relevant digital assets
  • assign accurate values
  • Evaluate paid and organic clicks

Give us a call for pharmaceutical industry requirements.