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The underrated irrigation sector is responsible for putting the food on our table. With advanced use of computing technology various sectors like banking, automobile, aerospace, etc. the irrigation sector was left behind. Credent InfoTech recognizes this untapped market opportunity to provide its expert services in the irrigation industry.

In the upcoming few years, Credent InfoTech plans to help various companies in the irrigation sector in the following ways.

  • Intelligent Business Analytics for Critical Decisions: The AI operated business analytics model installed by Credent InfoTech at the heart of irrigation companies will help these companies achieve new levels of profit. The intelligent business module effectively calculates the amount of expected rain, land space as well as soil suitable for irrigation. After considering various parameters critical to the irrigation industry, it will automatically suggest the best course of action. The smart module will also calculate the amount of marked price that our clients need to put to gain a certain percentage of profit from the business.
  • Use of Robotics to Harness Solar Energy: Solar Energy is one of the most interesting fields of engineering accumulating a lot of attention from the brightest minds in the world. Credent InfoTech recognizes the potential and application of this technology in the irrigation industry. We plan to use the robotics and smart computing technologies to constantly keep track of the position of the sun in the sky. The robotic elements guide the solar panels in the correct position to harness the maximum amount of energy from the sunlight.
  • Automatic Water Supply Using Robotic Elements: The smart irrigation system for the industry calculates the exact amount of water required for proper nourishment of the soil. This further helps the robotic elements to automatically supply water to the land at the correct time of the day. The fully-automatic module installed at several farms allows the farmer to control the water seepage and supply without being physically present at the location.

Apart from this, the use of IIOT technologies coupled with smart sensors allows the farmers to effectively keep track of the nutritional value of the soil. It also suggests the exact amount of fertilizers needed for the soil to provide a nourishing environment for the crops.

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