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Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) – What is it?

IIoT is a vast concept called the Industrial Internet of Things. Prior to this, the concept that gained prominence was IoT (Internet of Things) which is a network of intelligent computer objects and devices. The aim of this concept is to gather and share a large amount of data. The data collected is sent to the central Cloud-based service where it is further combined with more data and eventually shared with users. As such, it has facilitated homes, stores, schools, and several industries.

When industrial IoT service was applied to the industry of manufacturing and production, it was named IIoT, or Industry 4.0. At Credent InfoTech, our experts ensure effective monitoring, scalable processes and increase in efficiency with robust IIOT solutions. Let’s tell you how your business can benefit from IIoT.

How IIoT Evolved?

Industry 1.0 was invented in 1784 with steam engines. However, back then, manufacturing was only about laborious jobs. In 1870, assembly line production was launched. It was a great relief as labor was reduced extensively. In 2010. Industry 4.0 was coined with a vision to connect enterprise through industrial assets. Smart devices and mode of communication were introduced to create insights. Along with IIoT companies, people witnessed the greatest benefits of product integration, asset optimization, smart monitoring, intelligent decision-making, remote diagnosis and much more.

IIoT aims to revolutionize the manufacturing process by facilitating the accessibility and acquisition of a vast amount of data, at greater speed, and more efficiently than ever before. In fact, several innovative companies have already implemented the concept of internet of everything by leveraging smart connected devices in their manufacturing units.

Benefits of IIOT

  • Improved connectivity
  • Better efficiency
  • Enhanced scalability
  • Time savings
  • Cost-effective
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Predictive and proactive maintenance
  • Remote diagnosis
  • Asset optimisation

IIoT Protocols

  • IIOT is the latest technology of smart sensors, automation, and robotics. It includes AR/VR, Cloud Integration, Big Data Analytics, Software application, Lower power hardware devices, mobile devices and much more.
  • Industrial IOT solutions provide an edge to enterprises over competitors, thus helping them to achieve better results. With respect to customer retention and satisfaction, IIOT provides value addition.
  • IIOT also drives today’s macroeconomic features and promotes businesses of all categories.
  • The Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) transfer protocol has emerged as the best for IIOT owing to its lightweight overhead, bidirectional features, and subscribe/publish model.

IIoT – The Future

IIoT is now the primary industrial business trend with a bright future. Industries are relying on this concept heavily to upgrade their equipment and systems in order to meet the new regulations. Moreover, it is very important to keep up with the pace of the rapidly increasing market volatility and speed.

A business that has already introduced IIoT has witnessed signification improvements to profitability, efficiency, and safety. It is highly expected that the trend would continue as IIoT technologies are now widely adopted worldwide.

How Does Credent InfoTech help?

At Credent InfoTech, we aim to improve connectivity, scalability, and efficiency through our IIoT services. In addition, our IIoT services would also save your time and money. We are one of the reputed industrial internet of things companies. Our experienced team unites workers with systems to produce smart and effective results. With these latest business trends and technologies, you can surpass limitations and make profits. For all these reasons, Credent InfoTech offers a perfect platform to introduce IIoT into your business.

Credent creates and delivers most appropriate solution for your business.