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ERP ( Dynamics NAV and SAP )

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ERP Solutions – Unifying Your Corporate Resources

A great Enterprise Resource Planning (System) module can help you effectively increase the overall efficiency of your business model. The use of high-tech systems for decision-making and implementation will help you cut down costs and mark up your product according to the market needs. At Credent InfoTech, we have an experience of helping several top-of-the-line businesses choose their own ERP module for increasing efficiency.

The best part about working with Credent InfoTech for ERP solutions is that we can provide you with comprehensive solutions by harnessing the power of the top 2 ERP systems currently available. Our team of expert ERP system builders specialize in using both Microsoft Dynamics NAV as well as SAP ERP for the best results.

Here are a few ways in which a comprehensive ERP system helps you increase your business’s revenue by several folds.

Handle System Upgrades and Deployment Effectively

A comprehensive ERP solution serves as a complementary factor for the unprecedented growth of a small business. It helps in cutting down costs and add milestones far into the future development of the company. You can set and achieve realistic targets for the growth of your company with this system.

Setting the Best Price

The ERP system that we help you integrate into your business model is equipped with the latest decision-making engines. We have also proven our worth in the field of AI and robotics, which helps us gain an edge over our competition. Working with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV as well as SAP ERP for so long allows us to make the best of the neural engines that govern the efficiency. It helps you study the market trend and set the best price for the product that is competitive yet profitable.

Manage Human Resource Potential

At Credent InfoTech, we lay special emphasis on integrating a human resource calculation module into the ERP system. This helps the system calculate the employee life cycle efficiency and payroll. The system is smart enough to consider the human inefficiency factor into play while distributing work based on the skill set of the team.

Handle Accounting and Finance

With the ERP consultation that we provide, you never have to look at the old accounting books ever again. The smart system is single-handedly capable of handling all the accounts and finance for your business at practically zero running costs. The interface can calculate the break-even point of your business in a matter of a few minutes and suggest you the best course of action in case of a financial emergency.

Automate Material Resource Planning

If you host a product-based company, you already know the importance of material resource planning on a day-to-day basis. The ERP solutions help you automate the resource planning and take care of your influx of materials as well as outflux of products depending upon the market’s requirement as well as budget constraints.

Ease of Accessibility and Report Generation

Since we promise to provide a comprehensive ERP solution consultation, we focus on delivering accessibility in the most intuitive way. We can help you convert the ERP solution for mobile access over laptops, smartphones, or tablets thereby allowing you to monitor various company operating parameters on the go.

Managing Supply and Distribution Channels

The ERP module also helps you in increasing the efficiency of the product supply and distribution chains to minimize the cost of transportation and delivery.

Your course of action is corrected automatically and set to the most profitable venture when you decide to go for a full-fledged ERP system. You can rely on the experts at Credent InfoTech for consultation or implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV or the SAP ERP modules as per your business requirements.

Credent creates and delivers most appropriate solution for your business.