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After pioneering in various large-scale industries like manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and irrigation, Credent InfoTech plans to extend its support for the Energy Industry.

The data collection and processing processes form a crucial part of the energy industry. Even the slightest error in calculations can cause a major electrical breakdown. At Credent InfoTech, we can help several companies in the energy sector refine their IT infrastructure for more accurate collection of data.

The services that we can provide to this industry include:

  • IT Infrastructure for Data Processing: We can provide means for the companies in the energy sector to build a wholesome IT infrastructure. The use of latest hardware technologies will improve the data processing capabilities of our clients by nearly 25%. We can also use an intuitive graphical interface for controlling the data processing units to maintain the efficiency.
    The hardware components for the entire infrastructure will be chosen very carefully with respect to the space constraints and availability. However, the efficient design and a handy blueprint of the layout will help our clients manage and clean the environment on a regular basis easily.
  • Cloud Storage Facility for Data Storage: The clients will appreciate the fact that we plan to port their entire data storage facility to a cloud-based structure while keeping a separate recovery bay at the location of their choice. The inclusion of the hybrid overtake system allows the switch of data controllers in case of a power cut. The transfer to online means of data storage and control allows the employees to remotely control various aspects of the power plant from a distance. It also allows them to constantly monitor the system and provide support in the times for an emergency.
  • Use of IIOT for Factories: The use of smart IIOT technologies with the existing sensors helps the executives in the energy sector keep constant tabs on the output and input energy needs. The constant monitoring process helps the companies take out the unwanted and inefficient components from their systems helping them achieve a larger margin of profit.

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