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Business Analytics – Unlock the Real Mettle of Data with Business Analytics and Insightful Advice


In the world of hyper-connectivity and soaring importance of structured and unstructured data, it is pivotal to carry critical information securely. At Credent InfoTech, we aim to deliver business intelligence analytics solutions to our clients for a better result.

Owing to the rapid growth of information, it is challenging to extract useful data from a huge database. Business intelligence and analytics addresses all these challenges and our business analyst consultants guide you to reach new heights. We ensure that organizations can manage, monitor and track their data in the form of dashboards and reports. As a leading data analytics consulting firm, we endeavor to improve your decision-making skills and face the many challenged of business.

Overview of Business Analytics

All businesses are inquisitive and more focused on gathering relevant insights from various perspectives of business to make optimized business decisions. With the help of business analytics, organizations can now forecast their performance with respect to existing trends, changes, challenges, and the next big phase. Credent’s business analytics and data analytics consulting services help clients to understand the current trend of business and forecast the future. We also perform data visualization and risk analysis,

Leveraging the next generation technology, we also help our clients in designing business intelligence analytics applications to help our clients optimize ROI and draw 360-degree insights about customer behavior, businesses, products, and statistics. Our team plays a key role in defining and managing strategies, planning, and even budget.

Our Services

Our business analytics services help clients to meet today’s demand and plan for the future.

  • Business Intelligence Services: We follow a process-centric and tool-based approach to offer comprehensive Business Intelligence Services to our clients. Our aim is to help companies make informed decisions much faster while optimizing business performance across enterprises, strategy analysis, migration assessment, upgrades, support functions, and implementation. Credent takes charge of technology and provides best-in-class industry and business solutions for cost-effective and quick results.
  • Big Data Analytics: Needless to say, data is ever increasing in exponential volume in today’s time. As such, it is getting increasingly complex to manage such huge volume of data. With our knowledge and experience in Big Data Analytics and a neutral viewpoint towards IT tools and infrastructure, we help businesses unlock the potential of Big Data.
  • Enterprise Performance Management: Credent provides solutions to deliver accurate and custom visibility to the management. We create an amicable environment where both financial and operational performance is realized, captured, and promoted. Our global business intelligence team of professionals helps you to define as well as management strategies, enhance cost management and profitability, condense financial consolidation, and improvise.
  • Data Mining, Predictive Analysis, and Analytics: We help you to increase your Business Intelligence returns by adding analytics to increase true business operation perspective. We provide data mining platform, correct analytics tools, and technologies, to help you to uncover insights and values from enterprise data collected over time. Our data analytics consultants help you to make smarter and faster decisions across enterprises, increase the productivity of your business users, and improve overall customer satisfaction.
  • Information Management: Information is a corporate asset and the real foundation of innovation and differentiation. We present to you an Information Management Services to connect with people, technology, and processes with the right kind of content and eventually transform information into useful intelligence.
  • Data Warehousing: At Credent, we leverage the power of data warehousing and managing so that businesses can gain easy access to right information whenever needed. Thus, a business can unlock unlimited possibilities, insights, and innovations from the existing source of data.

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